Ticket Reseller Agreement

You hereby acknowledge and agree that you are aware that the promotion of transportation events or services, the purchase and/or sale of tickets in share-there.com carries inherent risks, including, but not limited to, the risk of bodily or bodily injury, death and property damage resulting from negligent or intentional acts or omissions of other users or other parties. Such acts or omissions may include, but are not limited to, the negligent design, manufacture, maintenance and/or operation of motor vehicles or ferries; criminal or intentional misconduct on the part of other users of the Service; and other acts or omissions that are not even foreseeable at this time. The following fees and charges are automatically added to each customer`s ticket and/or order: d. HBO provides the necessary personnel to monitor and respond to emails or other inquiries in the electronic media and to provide the public with information about events and to resolve any issues arising from the sale of tickets in a timely manner. hBO will provide customer with access to a comprehensive web reporting system that provides detailed reports on all ticket sales data on all Customer events or printed reports upon request of the Ticket Sales Data requested by the Customer for the Events. hBO will charge the Customer three dollars ($1.00) per ticket for unsold printed tickets for events with the price of the Ticket on the front of the Ticket delivered to the Customer or the Customer`s agent and sold directly to the public by the Customer or the Customer`s agent. Share-There does not tolerate the illegal resale of tickets under any circumstances. Any illegal attempt to resell tickets purchased through Share-There will result in the termination of such tickets by Share-There without compensation and the indefinite exclusion of the user or customer from the use of the Share-There services. Fees, payment and delivery: The buyer of an electronic ticket can pay online via the payment methods offered. The transaction fee for the purchase of an e-ticket amounts to 5% of the sale price and includes the cost of payments and VAT.

After purchase, the e-ticket can be downloaded immediately from the platform. In addition, TicketSwap Local will provide the e-ticket as soon as possible after receipt of payment by Stripe i.) under My Purchases in your TicketSwap account and ii.) by e-mail in the form of a link to the PDF file. With the purchase, a final agreement was reached between the seller and the buyer. Due to the nature of the product, it is not possible to cancel the purchase at any time. After the transaction is completed, there is no withdrawal period for buyers or sellers. Event Changes: The Buyer is responsible for staying informed of the Event for which he has purchased an e-ticket and must verify for himself whether the Event is postponed, cancelled or otherwise modified (hereinafter collectively referred to as „Changed“ or „Change“). If you sell tickets or link them to resale, you can only have the name of the group linked to the event in your URL domain if you provide one of the following information: If an event is cancelled, the event organizer usually grants „compensation“ to the (legal) person who purchased the e-tickets for that event directly from the organizer (the seller). It is expected that this compensation (with or without contact with the Seller) will be paid to the Buyer, as the Buyer has become the owner by purchasing the e-ticket through the Platform.** a. HBO will provide public access to an Internet-based online ticketing system that allows Customers to purchase tickets for the Customer`s events. Cost and price: The Seller itself determines the selling price of each e-Ticket it offers on the Platform (the „Sale Price“), taking into account that this price may not exceed 120% of the initial price (including service fees) of the e-Ticket.

In some countries, restrictions (maximum price) apply to the online offer or resale of e-tickets. The seller must comply with any local legislation. For each e-ticket for which a purchase contract is concluded, the seller owes TicketSwap Local an amount of 5% of the sale price (including VAT) („Service Fee“). By entering into this Ticket Agreement, Seller requires Stripe to deduct this amount from the sale price received and transfer it to TicketSwap Local. The seller thus receives 95% of the sale price. If you are not a primary ticket provider, you will need to meet some or all of the following advertising level requirements. Your name, contact details and purchase information will be provided to the organiser of the event or transport service for which you have purchased tickets. For more information, please read the Site`s Privacy Policy carefully If you sell or link to ticket resale websites, you must meet some or all of the following target requirements. Note that if you`re a primary supplier, you won`t have any target requirements unless you link to a website that sells resale tickets. High Amounts: A Seller who, at any time, has sold himself or in connection with „Like Sellers“ for more than EUR 600.00 on e-tickets or offers to sell for events that have not yet taken place (hereinafter: „Uncertain Value“) will not be paid until it has been reasonably established that the e-tickets have proved valid and that the Buyer has had access to the Event. Similar sellers are other sellers who use certain personal data in the same way as the seller. Sale of cancellation: TicketSwap Local has an interest in the proper execution of the purchase contract between the buyer and the seller.

The purchase contract therefore contains an irrevocable third party clause in favour of TicketSwap Local, which allows TicketSwap Local to demand compliance with the purchase contract, terminate the purchase contract or cancel the purchase contract if the buyer or seller has not fulfilled the conditions of the ticket contract. 20. Notices. All notices, requests, consents, approvals, agreements, approvals, confirmations, waivers and other communications required or authorized under this Agreement must be in writing to be effective. These communications will be considered effective in accordance with one of the following: Users of any of the Share-There services confirm that all information provided to us is complete and accurate. Share-There uses Stripe to validate the billing information you provide to us; However, if we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your tickets or prohibit you from using this website. If the e-ticket seems invalid, TicketSwap Local brings sellers and buyers together in a moderated chat discussion to find a solution in good consultation. TicketSwap Local acts as an independent moderator between buyer and seller, trying to find evidence for buyer and seller statements. Based on these surveys, TicketSwap Local decides whether the seller should refund the invalid tickets to the buyer. The buyer and seller are obliged to cooperate with ticketSwap Local`s decision. d.

„HBO System“ means software licensed by HBO for the purpose of selling tickets to the event(s) covered by this Agreement. To ensure that customers are not misled about your relationship with the event-related group, as a reseller or ticket aggregator, you cannot include postdomain paths or subdomains in your display URL. h. HBO may, at Customer`s request, provide all or part of the personnel necessary for the sale and processing of tickets at Customer`s events. If you breach any of the terms and conditions contained herein, Share-There reserves the right to terminate your account, exclude you from using the Share-There Services, cancel ticket orders, and take appropriate legal action. This Agreement is referred to as the „Ticket Agreement“. The platform contract and the ticket contract are governed exclusively by Dutch law. Disputes will be submitted to the competent court of Amsterdam. VAT: VAT on e-tickets sold by the Seller via the Platform must have been paid on the original e-ticket before the Seller offers the e-ticket for sale. TicketSwap Local charges VAT on the service/transaction fee for the buyer and on the agency fee for the seller. Purchase contract: A purchase contract is concluded between the „seller“ and the „buyer“ of a ticket. c) The organiser or transport service provider is responsible for the availability and duration of the refund.

Share-There will not be liable to Users for cancelled tickets, events, transportation services, funds or failure to issue refunds. Notwithstanding any other provision, Share-There will not be considered a representative of a user, organizer or transport company. All disputes between users, event organisers and/or transport companies must be resolved directly between these users, event organisers or transport companies. Share-There assumes no liability of any kind arising from disputes between users, event organizers and/or transport companies. Without limiting the foregoing, Share-There has no responsibility or obligation to arbitrate or resolve any such dispute. Risks: In addition to secure exchange e-tickets, purchasing an e-ticket through the platform is not without risk. TicketSwap Local strives to only make secure and successful sales through the Platform, but does not guarantee that an e-ticket purchased through the Platform will always be valid and will always give access to the desired event. .

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