Missouri Collaborative Practice Agreement Requirements

In order for the Registered Nurse in Advanced Practice to perform delegated medical actions that would be specified in a written collaborative practice agreement with a physician, meeting the requirements of the Registered Nurse in Advanced Practice Rule and thus obtaining a „recognition document“ is a necessary precursor. There are reasons to investigate and discipline the licences granted to registered nurses and medical professional physicians to participate in written collaborative practice agreements when delegations are directed to the Registered Registered Nurse as an Advanced Practice If the nurse in question is not registered as an Advanced Practice Nurse in an area of clinical care or role is recognized. To call, title, represent or call a registered nurse in a particular area of clinical nursing (p. ex. B family, women`s health, medical surgery, paediatrics, etc.) and the role (i.e., nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist), a nurse must be a licensed professional The nurse is licensed in the state of Missouri and must have a „recognition document“ from the Missouri State Board of Nursing. The „Recognition Document“ is not a separate licence. Rather, the „recognition document“ specifies the specific title of the advanced practice nurse to be used by the individual and determines the legal scope of advanced nursing. (a) to participate in cooperative practice compatible with the skills, training, training and competencies of each professional; PURPOSE: This amendment is necessary to implement the provision of Senate Law 718 (2018) adopted by the 99th General Assembly. The proposed amendment allows a Registered Advanced Practice Nurse (NPCR) to prescribe Buprenorphine, a Schedule III drug, for thirty (30) days without re-filling patients receiving drug therapy for substance use disorders under the direction of the cooperating physician. It also prohibits the cooperating physician or supervising physician from entering into a collaborative practice agreement or supervision agreement with more than six (6) full-time equivalent advanced practice registered nurses, full-time equivalent licensed physician assistants, or any combination thereof. A dental hygienist who has been practicing for at least three years and is practicing in a public health facility may offer fluoride treatments, dental cleaning and sealants to Medicaid-eligible children.

These services can be performed without the supervision of a dentist and are subject to Medicaid reimbursement. MB. Rev. Stat. § 332.311.2 It should be noted that the requirements inherent in the above state laws and rules regarding advanced licensed nursing practice and collaborative practice may need to be combined with the requirements of other relevant state or federal laws and rules. It is imperative that nurses with advanced practice understand their scope of practice and standards with respect to care responsibilities and responsibilities, and that they secure and use all primary source data and documents that are relevant to their practice, environment, patients, their repayment options, etc. The Collaborative Practice Rule states that the Missouri State Board of Nursing has the right and duty to discipline advanced nurses for „violation of state or federal laws, rules, or regulations, regardless of the licensee`s participation in a collaborative practice agreement“ [see (4)(G) of the Rule]. Under the rule, 20 CSR 2200-4 200 Collaborative Practice, there are several required entries in collaborative practice that the Board of Nursing or Healing Arts would look for in the written agreements of cooperating professionals: 5. The State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts may appoint a physician for health services delegated to a registered professional nurse, refuse, revoke, suspend or otherwise take disciplinary action against a health physician delegated to a registered professional nurse, provided that the provisions of this section and the rules promulgated therein are complied with.

At the written request of a doctor, against whom before the 28th. In August 1993, a disciplinary measure imposed under an agreement between a physician and a registered professional nurse or physician assistant, whether written or not, includes all records of that disciplinary measure and all records of the filing, investigation or examination of any alleged violation of this chapter that occurred as a result of such an agreement, far. from the records of the State Registration Committee for the Healing Arts and the Department of Professional Registration and may not be disclosed to public or private entities that request such information from the Council or Department. The National Medical Arts Registration Authority takes steps to correct reports of alleged violations and disciplinary measures described in this section submitted to the National Practitioner Data Bank. In subsequent applications or representations relating to his or her physician`s office, a physician who completes forms or documents is not required to report the acts of the State Medical Arts Registration Committee for which records under this section may be deleted. (6) a description of the nurse`s prescribing authority for controlled substances in advanced practice in cooperation with the physician, including a list of the controlled substances that the physician authorizes the nurse to prescribe and documentation that it is compatible with the training, knowledge, skills and competencies of each professional; (12) No contract or other agreement requires an advanced practice nurse to act as a cooperative advanced practitioner against the will of the registered advanced practice nurse. An advanced specialized nurse has the right to refuse to cooperate with a particular doctor without punishment. 7. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, a licensed anaesthetist within the meaning of subsection (8) of section 335.016 is authorized to provide anesthesia services without an agreed practice, provided that the anaesthetist or other physician, dentist or podiatrist is immediately available if necessary.


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