Verizon Agreement Signing

There`s no point. All I know is that Verizon will say that these terms were in agreement, despite the oral information that the representative provided. Acceptance of this agreement means that you also accept our privacy policy, which is available under and describes the information we collect, use and share. The directive also informs you of your ability to limit how we have information about you. We will let you know or, if necessary, ask for your permission if we consider using your data for other purposes. It is your responsibility to inform people connecting devices via your mobile hotspot, jetpack or Wi-Fi router that we collect, use and share information about their device and use the service, as described in our privacy policy. If you download or use third-party apps, services or software (including voice apps), 911 or E911 or other call functions, they may work differently from the services we offer or don`t work at all. Please read all the terms and conditions of these third-party products. Verizon Wireless is not responsible for the information, content, apps or third-party services you access, download or use your device. You are responsible for maintaining virus protection measures and other security measures on the internet when accessing these third-party products or services. For more information, see Verizon`s content directive under For more information on filtering content and how to block materials harmful to minors, see

Information about our network management practices for our broadband Internet access services can be found at If you are a prepaid customer and we send you messages, they will be immediately considered received if we send them to your wireless device or an email you gave us, or if we publish them on your service in the form of a precall notification, or after three days, if we send them to the last address we have for you. If you need to send us messages, please send them to the prepaid customer service address at If you or we do not enforce the rights you have applied in one case, this does not mean that you or we will not be able to enforce these rights in any other case. You cannot cede this agreement or your rights or obligations under this agreement without our consent. However, we can give up this agreement or any debts you owe us without informing us. If you are a Postpay customer, please note that many of the messages we send you will be displayed as messages on your monthly bill. If you have online billing, these messages are considered received by you if your online bill is available for consultation. If you receive a paper invoice, you will receive these notifications three days after our email. If we send you more messages, they will be immediately considered received if we send them to your wireless device or to an email or fax number you gave us, or after three days if we send them to your billing address.

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