University Of Redlands Transfer Agreement

School of Business: Students work with the Student Services Manager (SSM) to obtain transfer credit authorization. Credits granted by other institutions through processes such as transfer, prior learning assessment or examination are not accepted for transfer credits to the University of Redlands. Follow us for a transfer application workshop. Kylie Mulder, Associate Director of Transfer Recruitment, will cover the nuts and screws of the Common Application and The University of Redlands Application. You can sign up for the session by clicking on the button below. Do you want to take a general education course (LAF) at a community college, perhaps during the summer? You are not required to submit a course authorization form for a course on these agreements, which will be transferred to the LAF category under which it is listed. It is transferred and fulfils the MISSION, provided that articulation agreements are available for many two-year institutions. Find them here and learn more about our general education requirements, „Liberal Arts Inquiries,“ Transfer Options Association or Transfer Credit Policy. Please contact the Chancellery before registering for a course if you are not sure if it is being transferred to Redlands or that it meets any of our DEF requirements. To be considered for transfer credits, courses must be completed at a university or regionally accredited program prior to the learner`s withdrawal from the university. is the official repository of the articulation for California colleges and universities (UC, CSU, CCC`s) and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on the public transfer of students to California.

While work is underway to bring you a new ASSIST, you`ll also find additional articulation information about TempIST. Because of the unique program that specializes in these programs, we recommend that transfer students arrange a campus or telephone meeting with Tim Seiber, Director of the Johnson Center for Integrative Studies in or (909) 748-8610 to discuss credit transfer, program duration and necessities. Not all courses for which Redlands University can receive a transfer credit are offered by the University of Redlands, but they may be transferred as a general voting credit to programs offering choice offers or meeting the general education criteria in bachelor`s programs offered at redlands University. College Credit Earned in High School Many high schools have agreements with neighbouring post-secondary institutions that allow students to attend regular college courses during high school.

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