Shelter Lodgers Agreement

More info here: SpareRoom: Info for the landlord – Rental deposit Gurmeet asked us: „Is there a risk if a tenant stays in my house for several years – I mean, can he refuse to leave at a later date or any other likely complication that I should take into account? I had a one-year contract that was over two years old. I don`t have any papers on him after a year. He is a good tenant, he pays on time, lives clean and neat, no nuisance at all. I am an owner. Your agreement may set the required notice period. If the agreement does not talk about notice periods, it depends on whether you share the property with your landlord. Your written agreement could indicate the amount of your notification and whether it must be in writing. You are responsible for the management of the property. This can include unlocking an unlock or changing a fuse if necessary. You may also have other responsibilities depending on what your lease says. There is a clause in your contract, the so-called „break“ clause, which allows you to terminate the contract prematurely. If you live in the same building as the tenants, the deposit guarantee rules generally do not apply….

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