Ses Reassignment Rights Obligations Agreement

. . The federal government`s hiring process is fair and transparent. Please read the guide below. Candidates who meet the basic qualification requirements are assessed on the basis of the quality and breadth of their experience, training and/or training, which are indicated on their CURRICULUM, as well as the qualification responses described in the separate explanatory statement. CVs are evaluated by an evaluation and ranking panel and highly qualified candidates may be invited to participate in a structured interview. The Ad Hoc Executive Resources Council (AERB) will review the results and make recommendations to the appropriate authority for final selection. If this option is selected, you may need to provide support documents. All qualification requirements must be met as of the date of this publication. . Yes Moving costs (i.e. PCS) or moving incentives, as described in 5 USC 5753, may be authorized in accordance with current travel rules. Please follow the instructions below to submit your applications.

All applications received that do not contain all required documents or that do not meet the format requirements will not be subject to review. The full application must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. (ET). To start the process, click the Apply Online button to create an account or sign in to your existing USAJOBS account. Follow the instructions to complete the application form. Be sure to click the Send My Application button at the end of the process. IT IS THE APPLICANT`S RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY THAT THE INFORMATION ENTERED AND/OR DOWNLOADED (I.E. THE CV) IS RECEIVED, CORRECTLY AND TRANSMITTED ON THE REFERENCE DATE. You can verify that your documents have been successfully processed with your application file.

You can access your USAJOBS account here. Downloaded documents can take up to an hour to remove the virus scan. Human Resources will not change or modify a candidate`s responses. RESUME FORMAT (LIMIT 5 pages/Times New Roman 12-font) – Please send a typed CV with the following information: Employment Information: Ad Number (A1LS 20-34) and title of the position you are applying for. Personal data: Full name, postal address (with postcode), daily phone and evening phone numbers (with prefix) and full email address to which you wish to obtain correspondence regarding your application. PLEASE NOT INCLUDE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER – Active-Duty/Retired Military: State highest rank held, date of transport and date of retirement or retirement date.

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