Quota Litis Agreement

As a general rule, the code of conduct of the Council of Bars of Europe does not allow European lawyers to incriminate their services under the pactum principle of quota litis. [4] This code of conduct does not always apply to all European lawyers as a whole, but it has a direct effect in several European countries, for example. B on cross-border issues. [5] There are also European bars that prohibit quota litis quota at national level. [6] As a general rule, lawyers will renounce such a contract and it is not legal everywhere (France is an example of this type of agreement that has been made illegal). [2] A quota litis pactum in contract law is an agreement by which the creditor promises a portion of a difficult amount to recover to the person who agrees to recover it. Most of the time, it is used in litigation in which one party makes available funds for the other party`s legal costs in exchange for a portion of the proceeds if the case succeeds. [1] . . The same applies to Belgian law, as indicated in Article 446 of the Judicial Code. [3].

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