Labour Contract Agreement Format India

4. It is the responsibility of the undertaking to give instructions or directives on how the loading and unloading work is carried out by the workers, and the workers provided by the contractor will carry out the work accordingly. 25. The Contractor shall comply with all laws and regulations relating to the employer/employee relationship, which shall be deemed to be the contractor as the employer and the worker. The Contractor undertakes to exempt the Enterprise from all losses, royalties and expenses it has incurred as a result of violations of law or regulation. 24. The holder may not assign the contract to any other person without the written consent of the enterprise, which may be granted only on the conditions fixed by the company. 14. The Company is entitled to deduct from any money that the Enterprise is required to pay to the Contractor under this Contract or by law all payments made by the Company under this Contract. 22. It is the contractor`s responsibility to ensure that workers do not strike or stop working, and when they do, the undertaking has the right to have the loading or unloading work carried out by another group of workers and the contractor is obliged to make good the damage suffered by the undertaking on that behalf; to be settled. If the contractor`s workers have a case of maladministration, an attempt should be made to settle them amicably, with the help of the undertaking, on the agreed terms. 8.

This amount includes wages and other benefits to be paid to workers that it makes available to the company from time to time and as provided for in the labour regulations in force at the moment, and the company is not required to pay the same. However, if, as a result of a decree (including the rules or regulations set out therein), the enterprise is required to pay an amount to the worker as the principal employer, the contractor must reimburse it within fifteen days from the date of the enterprise`s invitation. The request must be made in writing….

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