Ibm Service Provider License Agreement

1.5 Audits. Unless you have entered license conditions that allow unlimited DSRs, you agree, after proper notification from the licensee for the life of the year and for six (6) months after, to allow the licensee or its representatives to verify and obtain your written and electronic records of your use of the Software. Such a review takes place only during normal business hours. During the exercise of such a check, the licensee and its representatives must comply with economically appropriate internal security measures. If legal requirements do not permit such a review by the licensee or its representatives, you agree to conduct this review in the form of a self-assessment under the direction of the licensee (and to make the above copies available to the donor). These audits cannot be carried out more than every quarter. If such a review results in underpayment to the licensee, you must pay this underpaid amount after notification from the licensee. B. The parties understand and agree that the licensee may provide maintenance work for certain OSS programs under this contract, but that these OSS programs are subject to licensing agreements between you and the licensees of these OSS programs and are not subject by other means to the terms of this Agreement. 1.6 „Service Level“ refers to the level of service provided when a user identifies an error. „Sublicensing software“ has the meaning assigned to it in paragraph 1.7 („third-party software sub-licenses“). „Support services“ have the meaning assigned to them in subsection 1.9 („Support Services“).

„Term“ has the meaning attributed to section 1 („TERM, GRANT OF LICENSE AND SUPPORT SERVICES“). 1.9 Support Services. Has. Subject to all other terms of this Agreement, including, but not limited to your obligation to make timely payments to the licensee, the licensee will provide you with the maintenance and support service („Support Services“) under the terms Exhibit B („SUPPORT SERVICES“). The licensee is not required to provide maintenance or assistance services other than the support services exposed in such an EXPOSED B („SUPPORT SERVICES“). B. The license for this SECTION 1 („TERM, GRANT OF LICENSE AND SUPPORT SERVICES“) is subject to the following conditions: (a) you cannot allow third parties to access, use or copy the software; (b) do not adhere, modify, modify, translate or create works derived from software or documentation, or create unauthorized copies; (c) not to create or authorize the use of the software for illicit purposes that would constitute a crime or a crime or that constitute fundamental human rights guaranteed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights; (d) You cannot do a reverse compilation, reverse compilation, translation or other tests to discover the source code of all or part of the software, unless it complies with national or regional law of the places where you practice (without the possibility of contractual waiver), and only with respect to the specific copy of the object code that has been inserted into this software , authorized; (e) you should not copy ideas, functions, functions or graphics from the software; (f) you cannot delete, delete or modify any mention of patents, copyrights, trademarks or other property references that appear on or in the software or documentation; (g) you cannot sub-license, distribute, lease, lease or transfer the software in a manner inconsistent with the rights and restrictions set out in it; and (h) restrictions on third-party software components described in subsection 1.8 („Restrictions on third-party software components“).

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