Hhs Enterprise Data Use Agreement Attachment 2

Discussion: The dua, under the Subsection Definitions of the „Article“ section, gives the following definition: „subcontractor“ means a person who enters into a contract with a principal contractor to work, deliver goods or contribute to the completion of work for a public body. As regards DUA and SPI, these are subcontractors who, during the performance of their tasks, could access consumer data for the main contractor and would not be exempted in accordance with the DFPS. IMPORTANT – You are expected to submit the same number of DUA subcontracting forms signed on paper as shown here. For example, if you say you have 4 subcontractors, the state expects 4 DUAs „Schedule 1. Forms of subcontracting“ registered for your company. Remember signed paper copies that have not been faxed, emailed, or scanned. #1. Does the applicant/bidder access confidential Information from Texas HHS, create, disclose, receive, transmit, maintain, or store information in electronic systems (e.g. B laptop, PC, mobile device, database, server, etc.)? IF NOT, STOP. THE SPI FORM IS NOT REQUIRED. Discussion: This is one of the few places where a „no“ answer does not require a compliance action plan unless you have been explicitly instructed to maintain such insurance through texas HHS or any other authorized authority. Coverage here covers network security and data protection; (2) data protection breach; (3) Cyber liability (loss of data, loss of use or delay/suspension of activities, denial of service with e-business, internet, networks and information resources, such as data protection, intellectual property, transmission of viruses, blackmail, sabotage or web activities); (4) responsibility for electronic media; (5) crime/theft; (6) advertising damages and liability for bodily injury; and (7) crisis management and coverage of notification costs. If you`re reading this blog, then you`re interested – that`s good! You are probably also concerned and even if you do not put a service fee, compliance with these rules will greatly contribute to the protection of your consumers` data.

HCS, TxHmL, TAS (Transition Assistive Services), Adult Foster Care, CLASS and various direct consumption services are among the groups concerned. You can find a full list of affected suppliers on the corresponding HHS page here. . . .

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