Four Agreements Relationships

In his book, Ruiz immerses himself much more deeply in each of the chords, more than I can deal with here. In a world of chaos, focus on the things you can control. While we all make ourselves responsible for being better people, we are also doing our part to create a better and sweeter world. If you want a better relationship with your partner or spouse, start with the agreements you have with yourself. Who are you and what do you represent? What are you saying, how are you talking about yourself and others? Are you being honest and forward or are you making assumptions and taking things personally? Find out what the four chords are and how they are the KEY for better, healthier relationships. Make sure you also receive your FREE RELATION COMMUNICATION GUIDE! #TheFourAgreements #PersonalDevelopment #Relationships #Marriage #CouplesTherapy always do your best: In simple terms, doing your best means your best foot forward in everything you do. Enjoy the actions without waiting for a reward. If we do things for others and expect some reaction, it turns out that the relationship depends on what we want. True, honest and healthy relationships are unconditional. Don`t forget I`ve been working on this book since January, not a joke. The chords seem so simple, even obvious, but they are incredibly hard! I like the way you applied it here.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to prepare for the show: 1. Are you aware of the impact of your words on your friends, family or other important things? 2. If you don`t feel unaware of a situation in a relationship, you make assumptions about what`s going on or not? If so, what motivates you from there rather than communicating? 3. Are you looking for others that meet your standards or are you looking for them to meet your expectations? 4. How can one use one`s words, thoughts and actions to honor one another in relationships? Let`s reach the goddess of love Malane Shani in The central message of the four agreements is that it is possible, through the application of the wisdom of agreements, to violate the often harmful social rules that ultimately shape our thinking and prevent us from finding ourselves.

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