Fiq Agreement

The interim agreement only covered working conditions in the health sector. Barely ratified, the first agreement in principle on sectoral affairs has already been rejected by delegates of the Interprofessional Federation of Health of Quebec (FIQ). The agreement in principle was announced on Monday by the President of the Ministry of Finance, Sonia LeBel, and Nancy Bédard, President of the FIQ. In a vote on Wednesday and Thursday, 87 per cent of FIQ members voted in favour of the interim agreement. After months of negotiations with the Quebec government for the renewal of its collective agreement, the Interprofessional Federation of Health (FIQ) is launching an advertising campaign to embarrass the Legault government, with the slogan „Health care is in agony; we are the solution. The decision was taken at an extraordinary meeting of the FIQ National Council and its private sector counterpart. FIQ delegates took the necessary time to analyze the content of the agreement reached the previous day. Members of the Quebec Interprofessional Federation of Health (FIQ), the union representing the largest number of nurses in the province, have approved a new five-year collective agreement. Home Canada “ The FIQ rejects the principle of the agreement on Monday, the Legault government and the FIQ announced with a bang the first agreement in principle on sectoral issues between the two parties. As required by its operating rules, once the agreement in principle was reached, it had to be submitted to an intermediary body of the FIQ before being submitted to the members. But Prime Minister François Legault is not giving up.

He pledged to find ways to reduce the workload of caregivers and create more full-time jobs in this area. Other issues faced by nurses, such as salaries, pensions, work-life balance and regional disparities, were not addressed. Interprofessional issues are negotiated through an alliance between the FIQ and the Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel in Health and Social Services (APTS). To increase the pressure in negotiations with La Ville de Québec, the FIQ is considering certain measures in the fall, but it is a question of „visibility“, wearing shirts and demonstrations.

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