Bc Tripartite Education Agreement

A.12 The new approach consists of targeted funding for culturally appropriate education programs and services for First Nation students. The agreement will result in significant systemic changes in the B.C. Education, including: Q.18 What impact has the National Education Council had on the new approach to the tripartite agreement? Watch THE latest BCTEA progress update. The objective of the updates is to inform K-12 signatories and training partners of BCTEA-related activities and commitments, to raise awareness and build capacity. Local education agreements are important tools for building relationships between First Nation communities and independent education boards or school authorities to support improved student outcomes in the First Nation. Check out the FNESC 2019 Indigenous Education Conference LEA presentation an additional LEA resource. You can also contact the Education Advisor Program, Department of Indigenous Services Canada aadnc.bceducation.aandc@canada.ca A.17 No. Revenues from own sources do not apply to the tripartite education framework agreement, as it is not a self-management agreement. A.2 The Tripartite Education Framework Agreement formalizes the partnership between Canada, the province, the United Nations Steering Committee for Education (FNESC) and BC First Nations, which operates in-reserve schools. The agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties in the implementation of First Nation training programs and is supported by a new funding model.

The new approach also recognizes and supports FNESC as a second-level service provider for First Nation schools in BC. The new approach recognizes that quality, comparable education includes standards, programs, services, academic support and investments needed to meet the unique needs of First Nation students. It also recognizes the need for First Nation students to be able to move from First Nation to public schools in the province without a university penalty. A.8 First Nations choose the new approach under the Tripartite Education Framework Agreement by adopting a Band Council resolution and subsequently signing an amended funding agreement. A.7 All First Nations in BC who run schools can participate in the new approach, either by opting for the tripartite education framework agreement or by signing an autonomy agreement with the Canadian government. The BC Tripartite Education Agreement: Supporting First Nation Student Success (BCTEA) lays the foundation for growth and change to support the growth of our First Nations education system.

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