Atf Negotiated Agreement

The GSP and THE ATF will continue to work together to determine the most effective way to use staff during this period. All paid employees should be available to participate in the ongoing improvement of the educational process to best meet the needs of our students during this very difficult time. The GSP and THE ATF agree and understand that schools and educators will face challenges and barriers. We believe that the negotiated agreement will help all of you stay safe and keep schools running. The agreement indicates that high-risk employees will be able to work remotely. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Albuquerque Public Schools and the Albuquerque Teachers` Federation have reached an agreement on the training of people. The borough may also delay hybrid learning beyond September 8 if it finds that on-site training cannot be done safely. In a joint statement to GSP staff, Acting Superintendent Scott Elder and ATF President Ellen Bernstein wrote, „We hope that this joint communication will find it and yours that you are well and that they remain healthy. As the District prepares to implement its training and operational re-entry plan for the coming school year, APS and ATF staff have worked diligently and collaboratively to create the Covid-19 Agreement Memory (MOU) joined between albuquerque Public Schools and albuquerque Teachers Federation. The GSP and ATF know that training is the best for our students. Unfortunately, COVID-19 still raises serious concerns about the safety of students, educators and our communities.

To that end, we believe that this agreement will continue to lead us to return safely to personal schooling. The Michelle Lujan Grisham government is expected to vote on Thursday at 15 .m press conference on plans to reopen the school. GSP officers said they would provide employees with masks, cleaning products and disinfectants. The plan begins on August 5, but teachers have the opportunity to work from home. Training, planning, meetings and classes will take place online during the first few weeks of school, according to APS. Teachers can choose to work in their classrooms and meet in small groups as long as they comply with national public health regulations. ATF-APS Agreement negotiated 2019-2020 Appr. by BOE 8-21-19.pdf – PDF document, 8.91 MB (9340552 bytes) To read the full COVID-19 recall notice, click here. To see the return plan, click here. ATF – APS Negotiated Agreement 2019-2020 Accessible Christina Rodriguez Update: July 23, 2020 11:13 Created: July 23, 2020 11:01 IN a press release, APS officials said that in-personing school is best for students, but there are still „significant health and safety issues on the reopening of schools.“ Finally, we share the common belief that quality education for the children of Albuquerque is our primary goal.

We also believe and affirm that this must be certain. Teachers will be responsible for organizing their classrooms for social deconstruction and the collection of teaching materials. While teachers are in school, they are expected to follow social implementation guidelines, wear face costumes in public places, and gather only in small groups.

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