Applecare Repair Agreement

1.11.6 Disclosure of unauthorized changes. During the service ordering process, you must notify Apple of unauthorized changes or repairs or replacement deliveries that have not been made by Apple or an Apple authorized service provider („AASP“) and that have been made on your product. Apple is not responsible for damage to the product during the repair process, which is due to unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacement deliveries that are not made by Apple or an AASP. In the event of damage, Apple will seek your permission for the additional costs associated with completing the service, even if the product is covered by an AppleCare warranty or service plan. If you refuse permission, Apple can return your product without any liability in the damaged condition. For the purposes of this agreement, the Apple unit appears in the table below and depends on where you reside: b) A buyer of this product in California has the right to have this product serviced and repaired during the warranty period. The warranty period is extended by the number of days the product has removed from the buyer`s hands for warranty repairs. In the event of a default during the warranty period, the warranty will not go out until the defect has been corrected. The warranty period is also extended if warranty repairs have not been completed due to delays caused by circumstances beyond the buyer`s control, or when warranty repairs have not corrected the defect and the buyer informs the manufacturer or seller of the repair failure within 60 days of the completion of the repairs. If the defect is not corrected after a reasonable number of attempts, the buyer may return the product in exchange for a replacement or refund, in both cases, to collect a reasonable use fee. Extending the time limit does not affect the protection or remedies that the purchaser has under other laws. a) A quote for repairs as needed (section 9844 of the California Business and Professions Code) is communicated to the customer in writing by the customer.

Without the customer`s prior consent, the service distributor must not charge a fee for work done or parts that exceed the estimate. If the service provider is provided in writing, he may receive a reasonable fee for the services provided when determining the nature of the malfunction when setting a written estimate for the repair.

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