Agreement Contoh Surat Perjanjian Sewa Rumah

The rental goals are also the purpose of the rent was made, if you only allow your tenant to use the rental home as a residence, write „Just for the stay“. The tenancy agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. He mentioned all the important conditions for landlords and tenants who agree on a tenancy agreement. As the custodian of the tenant`s personal data, you must have the tenant`s permission to keep it properly and not allow the information contained in the lease letter to filter through. The conditions in the lease letter differ depending on the condition of the house and the owner`s strategy. „to obtain the relevant documents in the form of information before the courts, particularly when they are provided as information in civil actions (particularly in the appeal) between the parties. This is important because, according to the provision of Article 52 of the 1949 Penal Code, a letter that is not found to be fair cannot be received in the form of a description (except in criminal matters or where the letter or document in question is completed later after the payment of the sanction). If you do not have a written contract letter from the tenant, you will be exposed as a host to a greater risk to the rental home. In conclusion, a lease letter is important before the tenant uses your rental home. The start and end date of the rent is also the date for which your tenant can enter and exit the building. As a host, it is important that you have an appropriate contract date to give you the space and the opportunity to repair and pack the building before the next tenant arrives. Click here to download an example of a rental letter from the lamudi house: if the acquisition project takes place in front of a notary, the notary is responsible for the letter.

The two parties first state: (a) that the First Party is prepared to lease the kiosk to the second party`s property, as explained below.b) that the parties wish to declare this lease in accordance with the provisions below. One of the things that landlords don`t like is when they see the condition of their building after their tenants have completed their rental period. Pasal (1) The house with the address Jl. Merbabu Indah No.44, Medan in possession of the First Part, which will be awarded to the Second Party from July 29, 2020 to June 30, 2022. The Second Party paid 6% to the First Party for an amount of: Rp. 20,000,000 (20 million rupees) for a contract term of 2 (two) years. Article (2) The second part maintains the construction of the house as well as possible, all damage suffered during this agreement are the commitment of the second part for all repairs or replace them at the total cost of liability of the second part. Article (3)All forms of obligations that must be fulfilled against the house are the duty and commitment of the second part, such as the obligation to pay electricity, water, cleanliness, security and other bills during the duration of the contract. Article 4) If the above-mentioned obligations under Article 3 are neglected by the second party, resulting in sanctions against existing entities, the second party must conclude until recovery, as it was before the contract was concluded no later than a fortnight before the contract expired. Article (5) Specially for the payment of electricity bills, the Second Party will continue to pay the electricity bill for the last 1 (one) month, and the electricity account will be given to the First Part after payment as an archive. Article 6. The Second Party is prepared not to make any changes to the house in the form of a supplement or subtraction of the building or to transfer the rental rights to other parties, unless it has obtained written permission from the First Party.

Pasal (7) The Second Party is prepared to use the house properly as a residence and not to carry out activities contrary to the law, state law or religious law in force during the stay in the house. Article (8) The second part puts the house and its contents of the First Part in an empty state of all furniture, its occupants, maintenance and cleaning when the duration of the contra

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