Aed Lease Agreement

When leasing an AED, make sure that your device has been or will be approved after the FDA`s pre-market approval (PMA) procedure, which all manufacturers must support to support their DCE after 2022. All devices in our AED rental program are PMA certified. Are you interested in renting our AEDs? Please call us or fill out the form below – our friendly and experienced customer service team will be happy to help you meet your request. We offer many AED leasing options as well as payment plans to own a Philip HeartStart AED for only $35 a month, so anyone can afford an AED. Leasing corresponds to certain business plans because it offers a minimum initial investment and a simple monthly payment. We can structure a payment to meet your needs. Want a stress-free AED program? Look at our AED leasing with daily monitoring. We leave a variety of AEDs with SmartLink, Wi-Fi and AED Sentinel. You carry out daily monitoring – not just every month, so you are sure that all AEDs are operational in your organization. It is not enough to lend (or buy) automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The decision to add AEDs to your facility`s security program is a great idea, but this life-saving equipment can only do its job if it is up-to-date and ready to save lives. The rental facilities are structured to meet your needs. Altra Medical owns the equipment and provides you with spare batteries and batteries included in the lease.

At the end of the lease, just return the EDA. They are ideal for gyms to protect your clients without incurring a lot of capital. They are also ideal for condominiums where boards do not necessarily want to make this initial investment, but protect the community. Click here to check out our Philips Special OnSite Lease to your own package! Security companies can rent and return an automated external defibrillator for a property if the contract changes and eliminates the investment risk. Do you need an AED rental, rental or purchase? We`re here to help! Don`t you see something that suits your needs? Please contact us. CPR/AED training is required for the use of EDA, laws vary by state. Determine how long you need to rent an AED. At AED Rentals, you only pay when the device is in service. We do not share your personal information with anyone. For more information, please see our privacy statement.

Bespoke financial solutions only for VA professionals. Tempe sales or leasing to Own are monthly payments and you own the AED at the end of the period. We also offer missed temper plans to extend payment terms over 2 or 3 years or more. This allows an organization to acquire one or more DEDs without committing capital. If you decide to pay early, there is no in advance penalty, just pay the balance. Every year, thousands of people die from sudden cardiac arrest (CAS). Statistics from the American Heart Association show that only 10% of people survive SCA from the hospital. The presence and use of an EDA greatly increases a person`s chances of survival. AED programmes provide at the national level more than 40% survival rate with the performance of the CPR and the use of an AED.

. When your event is over, follow the return instructions and add the attached return label. That`s all! Call us or email us to get an AED rental agreement. Our simple AED lease makes the process simple. Sign and return the AED lease. We will charge your credit card and send your unit or deliver it in person if you are in the Central Valley area of California. Your unit will arrive with a briefing note.

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